Bayswater and Blandford

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Bayswater Beach Bayswater is renowned for its beautiful, crescent-shaped beach. The community is spread along the coast and inland. The residents are friendly and welcome visitors to this lovely area. Every weekend during the summer many families from Halifax and local communities are to be found enjoying the sunshine on Bayswater Beach. Across the road from Bayswater Beach is a well-kept Provincial Picnic Park, with a small freshwater lake on the inland side. All in all, a lovely spot in which to relax. The road leaves the shoreline at Bayswater, and passes All Saints Church heading south to Blandford, just a few kilometres away.

Blandford When you reach Blandford you have a beautiful view across the harbour to the Tancook Islands. The islands can be reached by ferry from Chester, and are well worth a visit. A settlement with a number of fishermen, Blandford is a thriving, industrious community. Some of the functions hosted by the Aspotogan Recreation Association attract visitors from Halifax and beyond. The Herring-Chokers Lunch, Saturday morning community breakfasts and the turkey dinners are legendary in these parts. Another active group is the Seasiders, a senior citizens association. A most important volunteer group in Blandford is the Blandford Volunteer Fire Department and the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fire Department. The fire-fighters respond to calls anywhere on the Aspotogan Peninsula, and are dedicated, well-trained men and women.
St. Barnabus Anglican Church, with its lovely (locally donated) stained glass windows is the spiritual centre of the community. Just up the road is artist Lynne Millman's Art Gallery . Further along is a store/cafe, The Deck.  Annie White is the proprietor. Next to The Deck is Shoal Cove Auto and Marine.  Jeff Hogue is the owner and first-rate mechanic. Accommodation can be found at Century House Bed and Breakfast.

New Harbour When you reach the shoreline at Blandford, there is a signpost showing New Harbour along the road to the left. It is only a short drive to a small harbour with a derelict whaling station across from the wharf. This is the mainland harbour used by residents of Ironbound Island, just off-shore. Ironbound Island is very pretty, with a small harbour in which the fishing boats shelter. The island has the rugged, rocky shoreline so typical of Nova Scotia. The residents of Ironbound Island have wonderful gardens, fertilized with seaweed so generously supplied by the clear, cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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