Deep Cove and East River

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When you leave Blandford heading toward Chester, the road turns right, away from the ocean. At this point there is a shore road off to your left. Be sure to take this side road for it is a short but enjoyable drive to a pretty part of Upper Blandford. Drive to the end of the road, noting as you go a gravel road off to your right. When you return from the dead end, turn up the gravel road and it will bring you back onto highway #329 at Deep Cove.

Deep Cove Deep Cove is the perfect "hurricane hole" for sailors as it is perfectly sheltered from the open ocean. Shown here is a private wharf at the entrance to Deep Cove.

After you leave Deep Cove the highway leads you past Mailman's farm, and on to East River. This pretty community is spread along the shoreline, where there is a nice, little-used beach. Highway #329 ends as you leave East River and come to the junction with Highway #3. Turn left to go to Chester. We hope you enjoyed your journey around the Aspotogan Peninsula. Do come back!

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