North West Cove, South West Cove and Aspotogan

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North West Cove North West Cove is a beautiful, horse-shoe shaped harbour, home to a busy fishing community of about 100 people. Horse Island guards the entrance to the cove. From the north side of the harbour you can see across St. Margaret's Bay to Peggy's Cove. North West Cove is home not only to fishermen of Irish and Huguenot descent, but also to watercolour artist Jan Shilletto, whose work is on sale at her studio in North West Cove. Be sure to bring sketching materials, or save some film for this lovely spot, a favourite of artists and photographers.
If you wish to stay at North West Cove you have two choices. The Orange House, a century old residence that has been beautifully restored, or Greyrock by the Sea bed and breakfast.

South West Cove Climb the hill to leave the cove and you will see St. Cuthbert's Church. Across from the Church there is a road off to the left which leads to South West Cove. It is only a short drive down the gravel road to this cove, and well worth the effort. There is a small beach, lovely scenery, and even a castle! There are a few residences along the road, so watch for children playing. There is also a lake in which you can swim. Should your car break down while in this area, JEFF's AUTO is located on the South West Cove road (902) 228-2713). Jeff Dunsworth specializes in Volvo repairs.
South West Cove is a beautiful anchorage much favoured by yachtsmen from far and wide.

Aspotogan Harbour Aspotogan is a small fishing community with a safe, deep harbour. A favourite subject for artists and photographers, Aspotogan is very pretty, with steep hills on both sides. To the south of the community lies Aspotogan Mountain, the highest point on the peninsula. Follow the road up the steep hill heading south, and after driving carefully round some very sharp bends, you will soon find yourself back by the shore, following the road in to Bayswater.

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